I live in Ireland!!!

Can you believe it!! Two things have happened in the last few weeks….  I live in Europe and I am starting my blog again!

SO I’ve officially been living with my workaway family for 18 days now and Judy’s house is so much fun!

Every day we paint our nails, and yesterday Judy even redecorated my ears with a bunch of earings she gave me.

Well stay tuned for my adventures…Im gonna go pack now for Prague next week 🙂

Ya love a good holiday.

Allison xx


Tips for finding cheep flights✈️


Ah…. Its days like today where I am doing school work and looking at all the snow on the ground that make me want to book a round-trip ticket to a warm and beautiful vacation spot! What I find and you probably do as well while traveling or backpacking is that the most expensive part of the trip are the flights. Its crazy how it is still so expensive despite how often people fly these days and the amount of flights departing from the airports everyday but supply and demand is in full affect and we have to find little loop holes to get around it!

First, buy your tickets on Tuesdays as that is the cheapest day of the week to purchase flights. Next there are a few websites in particular that I tend to spend all my free time on and the first one is Momondo.com. This site always seems to show me flights significantly cheaper then others while allowing you to compare with other sites.

And secondly and my favorite is Skyscanner.com. Skyscanner is amazing because while you are backpacking, more often then not you don’t have a plan or schedule of what countries you will go to or when. You just go online and find the cheapest places to fly into from where you currently are and then make your itinerary like that. Sky scanner gives you the option to search “Everywhere” and it shows you the cheapest counties and  cities to fly into from where you are which is super helpful and very convenient! It also allows you to search by the cheapest months to travel, and flexible dates within entire months.

So for everyone looking for travel blogs or backpacking blogs I hope this was helpful for your needs!

Stay warm ❄️

Xx Allison

Travel Instagram: @wander__lustttt


Hi guys!

Sorry I haven’t been active in a while I have been so busy with school and the end of the semester! I’m so excited to share with you my Instagram dedicated to traveling! I have taken some pretty cool pictures around the world and feel the need to share the beauty with all of you lovely people!

I would love it if you gave it a follow and help me brighten everyone’s day with some incredible travel pictures!


Xx Allison

Good morning ☀️


Good morning😊 

Just sitting in class wishing I was waking up watching a sunrise like this somewhere tropical. I know it sounds crazy to voluntarily wake up at like 5 AM to see it but its actually really nice to just roll out of bed with your friends, go somewhere with a nice view like the beach or the pool and just take in earths beauty.

Happy almost weekend

Xx – Allison

Bali, Indonesia

Baaalliiiiii !!

Ugh Ive always dreamed of blogging about my experience in Bali. It honestly was a time in my life that I will never forget, thats how unbelievable those 10 days were. While I was studying in Sydney, me and my best friend there named Ida who is from Norway decided to go to Bali for our StuVac (study vacation). Its only a 6 1/2 hour flight from Sydney so it seems to be the place to go on holiday. We booked with a tour group named BalIntro which had an itinerary planned for us that was hard to say no to. Snorkeling  and scuba diving through the clearest blue water I have ever been in with sea turtles and marine wild life, swimming under waterfalls, visiting beautiful temples, dolphin spotting, and so much more…. I was sold.


When people talk about how different third world countries are we cant fully grasp what life for them in actuality is really like. When you have the opportunity to interact in their world first hand, you truly are able to see how different everyday life is from ours. From going to the bathroom in squat holes instead of toilets, burning garbage in the street, and growing their own foods, and herbal medical remedies, these people live the simplest lives away from Iphones and technology and live for themselves and their family which was kind of inspiring.


One of my days in Bali we spent getting surf lessons on Padang Padang beach in Uluwatu. After catching a few waves… or in my case standing up a few times and then getting knocked down we went to dinner at a really cool restaurant a lot of people eat at called Single Fin. Its an awesome atmosphere to watch the sunset and get some really good food and drinks. All of the food we had was delicious, check out the menu!

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 8.47.58 PM.png22279276_1594913627197579_490568380_o












Such a beautiful country, a definite bucket list place. Tons of fun partying, everythings super cheep (remember never pay full price for something…almost always they expect you to negotiate with them), hot sunny days, good food, and beautiful beaches. The best 10 days, with a good group of people., couldn’t of had more fun!

Check out my next post for pictures of my trip 🙂

Xx – Allison

Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Hi guys,

Something cool I think every backpacker should do if you are traveling the east coast of Australia is the Atlantic Clipper boat trip! Its an incredible experience to have with your mates or even solo because of the heaps (Australian slang for tons) of super cool travelers you will meet while sailing the beautiful Whitsundays.

The boat leaves on Tuesdays, Thursday, and Saturdays, for a duration of 2 nights where the incredible and friendly crew members will  bring you snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, have parties on board for you to drink, dance, and have fun, scuba dive, and bring you to one of the most pristine beaches in the world, Whitehaven beach!

Here are some tips for having the time of your life:

-You aren’t able to bring any bags that have zippers on board with you so go to your nearest Woolworths to get a few of those reusable bags to put your stuff in before hand. If you forget you can buy some bags for a little more money in the office where you check in for the boat!

-You are only allowed to bring a certain amount of alcohol each with you (but it is not really reinforced) so stack up on what you want to drink but make sure you transfer them into plastic water bottles since no glass is allowed on the boat.

-It is a bit of a walk from where you check in to where the actual boat is so a good idea might be to wait around if you can to see who else is checking in and split an Uber there.

-And last but not least, bring your best bathing suite and lots of sunscreen because the sun down under is extremely powerful, and get ready to have fun!

If you like to day drink, lay in the sun, and swim through turquoise water with friends, you can click here to book your Whitsunday experience!

Xx – Allison